We are The Furballs! (Puppy Cafe)

Hey guys,

There are so many café opened around the world, but the best café opened so far is for the dogs and it is the Dog café, We are The Furballs. Singapore’s FIRST Dog petting café. All the Dog lovers out there, this is a place you would not wish to miss. I don’t actually need a pet at home because sometimes the maintenance and looking after can be expensive. Also sometimes my family is not in a favour in keeping a pet whether a cat or a dog as they are all working and no one is there to look after them at home.  So when I heard of this Dog café I was so happy and excited to visit them. I have been to cat café earlier. What you can do is to visit this café as and when you like and show your love to these dogs.


How to Get There?

Take the MRT, Bus or Taxi to Bugis Junction. EW12 Bugis MRT station or  DT14 Bugis MRT station (Downtown line). Bugis+ is linked to Bugis Junction via an air conditioned link bridge on level 2.


You will find We Are The Furballs just at the corner of an outdoor space on the 7th floor which is the top floor of Bugis.

Minimum age for entry is strictly 10 years old. Student ID/ photo ID is required for age verification.

Its quite affordable too!

Monday – Thursday:

$10.90 for 2 hours
$9.50 for 2 hours (Students)

Friday – Sunday:
$12.50 for 2 hours

Admission includes 1 free drink.
If you choose to stay more than 2 hours, additional time is $2.50/half an hour blocks.


Once I stepped in the café with my mother we just fell in love with all the 8 pets roaming around the place. They are so adorable and loving that you would not feel like leaving them at all. They are so cute and harmless. These furry dogs are of various colour and sizes.


We bought some food which came in small packets at reasonable price for these dogs to feed them.


Although the café doesn’t serve food we still enjoyed having some beverages. Each time they saw some food pellets in our hand they came running to have them. We loved petting them so much that they would sit on our laps cuddled for very long.


We played with them, took photos and enjoyed every moment with these cute little furry balls.

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