Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day for me. As mothers are so precious, so is mine to me. Mother’s Day should be celebrated everyday but I think it is one perfect day to show her how exceptionally we love her for what she is.

Also, special mother’s day wishes to the people who no longer have their mother’s with them physically but they are with you all your life in your heart!

I have always been a best friend to my mother and so has she. All my friends used to say that I end up sharing everything with my mother but I think a person who can understand you better and who can support you in every situation of life is my mother. There are many teenagers who hide so many things from their parents but I am very open to my parents especially my mother. Though she goes to work every day, cooks delicious food for us and also whenever we find time we watch movies together, I help her with some household chores. We talk to each other and share so many things. It doesn’t matter if we sometimes have a small tiff with each other but after sometime we are normal.

I so much appreciate the way my mother balances being my friend and being my mom. She is definitely someone that I can tell everything to and have a great time with but when a serious matter comes up, she always has the right amount of “mom” to handle the situation correctly.

Often, it’s just the simple and real moments spent with their moms that girls need the most. The moments that are just about being together – nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned time spent together – end up being the times that build that precious trust, support, and open communication.

My mother felt so special and overwhelmed when I wished her in the morning on Mother’s Day. There was a lot of appreciation and gratitude for her. A gift is not necessary to give but saying some beautiful words to praise her is enough to keep her happy. She can realise that if I don’t have much time to spend with her or say something nice to her, I always feel high of her all the time.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is just to give her a break from all the routine work and stress that she goes through day and night for the family. As Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, it’s a good time to relieve her from all the work for that day. So, we planned to take her out for dinner in a nice place. So, in the afternoon we went to gurudwara and came back and rested for a while. In the evening, we went to Changi Airport shopping malls and then we went for dinner in Bugis.

We also got some gifts and flowers from Jeremy Ratnam of Power 98FM as there was some Mother’s day special programme for passer-by at Bugis Junction. We had lots of fun and enjoyed a lot.

“My mother was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love” by Stevie Wonder.


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