Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s Day was celebrated on the 18th June. Father’s Day is about finding a thoughtful way to truly celebrate a special relationship in your life. My father, who wasn’t even aware what we were actually planning for him. I was super excited as after celebrating Mother’s Day it was another day for me to have fun with my family together. My father is someone whom I look up to for making many decisions in the family whether its planning a vacation or celebrating any occasion or for that matter even if it’s my studies. He always has the best solution for us. Father’s always think that they are the most ordinary men in the family but Father’s Day makes them feel really special and they turn from unsung heroes to the most loved ones.My mother and I started planning for this day a week before. We had big plans as it was a Sunday and a holiday for the rest of my family. My Mother cooked a delicious meal in the afternoon for all of us. We spent our time playing Carrom after lunch, rested for a while and then we were all set to enjoy together in the evening. We started getting ready for the evening and headed towards a special restaurant for some Thai and Chinese dinner. It was a rainy day and we were thrilled to move out in the rain for dinner. Late in the evening as the sun was about to set we could feel the cool breeze so we all thought that the restaurant we chose was best suited to the weather.

We roamed around the streets of Bugis, clicked some beautiful pictures of us. We then settled down in the restaurant with some chilled beer and mouth-watering snacks like Spring Rolls and Dry Chilli Chicken. Then after our cool chit chat and some more pictures we ordered some yummy food which had Thai fried rice and some Lemon Chicken, Fried Veg Noodles and Sweet and Sour Chicken. I had some nice cool Honey Green Tea. We all enjoyed the meal and the weather. My father enjoyed every moment and was very happy.
Happy Father’s Day!



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